Dave Parrish – Guitar

Dave Parrish – Guitar

daveI am a self-taught guitarist. My first band was called Stegasaurus in 1968/69 with my brother Steve on drums and Steve Crumpton on bass guitar. After a year the band split due to musical differences. I then joined Valley Forge 1979/81 and we did a tour round the Midlands, the Suicide tour. I then joined Scarab between 1983/86 and recorded Poltergeist which was played on the late, great, Tommy Vance’s rock show on Radio 1. It can still be bought on Ebay for daft amounts of money. Scarab then split and I did continued to play but not in a band until 2008/2009 when Scarab reformed and we released the EP Soul for a Soul.

I then met up with Bill via a chance conversation my brother Steve had with him at work, and that is how Nightblade was formed.

Instruments – I play a Gibson Les Paul through a Marshall 100TSL amplifier and a Marshall 1960 Cab using an Ibanez tube screamer and wah-wah pedal.

Influences – Tony Iommi, Randy Rhoads, Eddie Van Halen, Jameson Raid, Iron Maiden, Metallica. I love old school metal and rock and am also into thrash metal.girder




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