Mark Crosby - Volcals

Mark Crosby – Vocals

As long as I can remember I wanted to sing in a rock band.  I started singing/songwriting at the age of 12/13 and was in my first band at 13 with lads from school….  

Eddie Neale - Drums

Eddie Neale – Drums

I have been playing Drums since I was 7. I started off with a “Tikes” kit as my parents were hoping it was just a fad, no such luck! I outgrew this kit in 3 weeks.

Bill Fitzsimmons - Bass Guitar

Bill Fitzsimmons – Bass Guitar

I was born in Balsall Heath, so a Brummy born and bred.  I am a self taught bass player and although I am left handed, I play a right handed bass guitar – work that one out!!  

Dave Parrish - Guitar

Dave Parrish – Guitar

I am a self-taught guitarist.  My first band was called Stegasaurus in 1968/69 with my brother Steve on drums and Steve Crumpton on bass guitar. 

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